An unnecessary explanation!

Yeah, I am a kind of difficult person to be with!  I cannot smile.  I cannot chatter on some nonsensical xyz subject for hours.  I cannot make you smile and I cannot talk to you for hours unless we are discussing on some serious subject.  I cannot be light.  I have lived for years with a habit of being serious; I cannot bring a smile on my face however I try unless I am with you.  This is what I am!  Yes, I know this is not a good way to live life.  If I am really such, I must change myself.  I must learn to make myself happy.  I must learn to make my surrounding happy, or at least try not to make it sad!

I know you will disapprove almost everything that I wrote above.  If I say I am a kind of difficult person to be with, you would say “I had never been so comfortable with anyone.”  If I say I cannot smile, you would say “I like it the most when I see a kid-like smile on your face.”  If I say I cannot be light, you would remind me of some study circle or tum hi dekho na moment.

And I must agree each of you argument is true.  I had never been such happy.  I had never been so smiley.  I had never been so complete.  At this very moment when I am typing this, I am happy, really happy, from the core to crust.  And this is not a momentary feeling; I am happy at heart.  In fact, I do not need to give you such a long explanation, because you know, and you only know, how happy I am!  Just a while ago, I tweeted jaata nahi ye noor hai – I meant it, because the feeling of this noor, of you being with me, never let me go sad for long.

Oh 🙂 I think I have given more than enough of explanation.  And thanks you provided me some subject to write today; I was a kind of puzzled about what to write.  So if you are reading this, just read it and let it go!  If you can have momentary feelings, I can definitely have them.

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