Just another Sunday!

It is not mandatory to write something on a daily basis.  I have quite been in a down mood today.  The day was all boring one (excluding exceptions).  Working on Sundays really feels like hell, and I had stomach pain all the day (thanks to the samosa I had had instead of lunch).

So the great news is Ramdev Baba has ended his fast at the request of Sri Sri Ravishankar, just like we had talked a couple days ago.  It was almost final at the very moment when Ravishankar proposed to placate Baba Ramdev.  It was like “I will sit on a fast, you come and ask me to end it, and we both will get hype.”

So the Ramdev Baba drama has finished now and we don’t need to talk about it anymore.  So what shall we talk about?  Just took a paracetamol/dicyclomine tablet a while ago, hope it would make me feel better, and I need to sleep to.  As usual, Sunday has gotten spoiled with whatever reason, this or that, and I have a full week ahead to work.

Okays 🙂 I will try and make my mood better, will try to solve some interesting math problems.  It really works, makes me to feel better, and I am sleepy too.  Really want a fresh morning tomorrow 🙂

P.S.  I am eating a mango like a monkey 🙂

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