Me too!

What to write? I have been told to limit my internet usage. I really don’t know where to stop, or rather I don’t know how to stop, so at least for this post, I am going to set a word limit of 250 words and I won’t write a word more than it.

I had lost my cell in the morning, and that caused me to miss my work today, in turn causing me to stay at home for some extra time, listen and think about the things that I don’t want to think about, so I thought it would be better to get out rather than just flowing away with the situations.

I went out and explored some new places in Nagpur that I had never seen. Missed master a lot! I could never believe such “shaant and prasanna” places can exist in this city. Far away from the crowd, soothingly green, pleasantly moist, Mother Lourd Temple! I have never seen such a calm and serene place! I loved it.

I have skipped the office today and now going to go out to apply for one more exam. Just got a few tweets by @aasmantapku in my timeline: “sometimes i really feel that number of exams i have to give in my life will exceed the hair on my head”; I felt “Me too!” Then “main bewkoof”, again “Me too!”, and finally “all i need right now is a Giant hug :(” What else can I say “Me too!”

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