I am a common Indian Man and I do not support Ramdev Baba

While the world is pretty much busy is supporting or opposing the fast by the yoga guru Ramdev Baba and a pretty small section of people creating hype over it on the net and social media, I can find the voice of the common Indian man almost neglected in all this chaos. Supporting Ramdev Baba, or for that matter, Anna Hazare has been a craze in the tech-geeky, and often misleaded, youth. Though no one is expecting a magical change in situations, everyone is expecting something to change, without knowing exactly what. The supporters of Ramdev Baba, though a very small fraction of the huge Indian population, are succeeding to make their voice loud enough to seem true, and the majority of Indian population is left as a dumb spectator of all the events passing.

When I see the over-enthusiastic youth to propose support for these protests, have they ever thought about the consequences of it? These protests are nothing but the means for creating an anti-government sentiment in the country. The UPA has been in power for the last seven years. For the first-term, the BJP-lead NDA could not even find an agenda for the polls and lost the elections even without fighting wholeheartedly. This time they cannot afford to do so. The extreme right-wing Hindutva ideology cannot be successful each and every time. They needed something as an adjunctive to the Hindutva ideology.

Baba Ramdev and Sangha Pariwar:
BJP (or for that matter RSS) has a very small, but every strong and loyal, core support group. In the democracy of “one vote per head”, they can never ascend to power depending only on this core support group and they know it well. To overcome this factor, the Sangh Parivar always tries to spread its wings as wide as possible to cover a second-line support from the society which would increase the headcount. Organizations like Bharatiya Janata Party, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajarang Dal, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, and so on are just the spread wings of the Sangha Pariwar where the top leadership comes from the core group and the headcount come from the second-line supporters.

Where does Ramdev Baba come to the scene? He is just a bonus that the Sangha Parivar can have. He is not in any way officially affiliated to the RSS (though the support and think-tank support is apparent). Rather, he has kept himself aloof only to say people that “Look, I am not attached to any political party.” He has already gained much follower support from his yoga activities and now he is trying to turn this follower group to the third-line support group of the Sangha Parivar. Sangha needs as much as support from their core circle as they can gather and that’s why they are supporting Ramdev Baba.

Why not Saffron?
People may ask why am I being a saffron-phobic? The congress has ruled over this country for most of the time? What if we ask for a change now? Before going to the answer, I want to make a disclaimer that I am a common India man, I happened to be a Hindu, my father used to go to daily shakha of the Sangha (in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the Ram Mandir issue was on hype), and I am not attached to any political party in any slightest way. I am no more involved in politics more than casting my vote when election comes. My interests are far nonpolitical – reading, music, films, etc. – then why should I bother who is there ruling on top?

I am a common Indian young man, 27 years old. I hold the Constitution of India to the top. I cannot segregate people (as the saffron group tends to do) based on their cast, creed, or religion. I am a firm believer of “We, The People of India.” I cannot think myself as a Hindu, Maharastrian, or anything for that matter. Nothing can come between me and my Indian-ness.

We live in a secular democracy. We know it is the best type of state for the varied culture of India. The ideology of Saffron Pariwar is exactly opposite to this. They cannot gain power with what limited support they have from their core group. All their efforts are to increase their outer circles using fascist means: Vociferous propaganda, continuous advertising, favorable use of media, and now effective use of social media. Baba Ramdev and other are just puppets to create a headcount in outer circles. They will promise everything and even implement on it. But isn’t it what Hitler did to achieve powers. We can certainly give him credit for blowing new life in the then Germany, which was going through serious economic crisis and post-war depression. He promised people of good governance, and he worked for it, but then he also used his hatred policy against Jews as the means to polarize the vote bank and he succeeded. Can India afford to let the saffron parties succeed? Can India afford oligarchy, if not dictatorship? Think once again, think thousand times, you may not have the freedom to think and express in that regime.

Tragedy of Indian democracy:
This is just an update to what I have written above. All the day, as I was keeping an eye on the events, I could see BJP people openly in support of Baba Ramdev. I cannot understand the logic behind this. BJP is the largest party in the opposition. The people of India have elected them to ask question to the government. The constitution of India has given them the platform of parliament to ask questions. The government is responsible to them for any of their action; and what the opposition does, walks out of the parliament during the sessions and sets up and joins the protests on road! And people go behind them, what else can be the tragedy of India democracy?

Republished from Ghalibana.

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6 Responses to “I am a common Indian Man and I do not support Ramdev Baba”

  1. Vinod suradkar Says:

    Thanks for putting this in words. It is what, the real indian who know indian democracy well, want to tell everybody. But the voice is not so loud.

  2. Neel Tyagi Says:

    One thing we need to remember here is that the definition of a “common Indian man” is one who earns less than Rs. 20/- a day (ref: UPA govt’s own survey report published by NCEUS under the chairmanship of Dr. Arjun Sen Gupta in 2006! http://www.radianceweekly.com/149/3443/microfinance-a-tool-for-alleviating-poverty/2009-03-08/cover-story/story-detail/arjun-sengupta-commission-report.html).

    Therefore, If you or your family is earning anything more than Rs. 20/- a day, you cannot tag yourself as a common Indian man !

    Interestingly, Most of the people who were visible on TV during Anna Hazare campaign, though were undoubtedly Indians, but they certainly would fall short of calling themselves as “Common Indian men” based on the above definition of “Common Indian man”. However, this was not the case with Baba Ramdev’s campaign. His campaign is in reality for this extremely poor lot which is living a miserable life, doesn’t speak English (or even proper Hindi for that matter).

    Also, most of the TV channels are primarily watched by the remaining 20% of the population that comprises of people like you and me…who think they are common Indian people…but in reality are just 20% of the nation’s population ! And all these TV channels show only things associated by this 20% lot thereby creating a picture that the entire nation is like this 20% lot !!

    Only Astha and Sanskar channels show Ramdev baba’s efforts on a daily basis (LIVE from 5.00 – 7.30 AM and non-Live from 8.00 – 9.00 PM) and I have been watching them since last 4 years (Yes, much before Shri Anna Hazare’s erstwhile “Indian against corruption” campaign started)!! I am a supporter of both Anna and Ramdev Baba because I believe they are fighting for a common cause. However, Ramdev baba is fighting for several other causes besides Financial and economic corruption in India ! His agenda is much bigger than Shri Anna and Smt. Kiran Bedi et. al ! This corruption fight is just one of the 12 different items that he is fighting for (visit http://www.bharatswabhimantrust.org for more updates).

    Also, I have not witnessed Baba Ramdev’s campaign to be assisted by any political party or institution (like RSS, etc) till date. However, lately (since last 5-6 months) ever since his campaing has caught speed and momentum all of these parties and institutions have come up in support of his campaing. Hence, saying that Ramdev Baba’s campaign is based out of RSS/BJP would be very wrong ! But he certainly cannot stop anyone from showing his/her support for his campaign (Infact, Why should he?).

    Also, stereotyping institutions like VHP and RSS as “Communal” and Anti-National seems like a extreme step. Every institution has good and bad people in it (including Congress party). Therefore, due to the wrong deeds of the bad people, it would be incorrect and unjust to stereotype the entire institution to be wrong ! Afterall, the Hindu Dharma (Just like Islam, Christianity and Sikhism/Jainism) in its true essence teaches peace and prosperity of entire mankind ! It does not teach communalism! So people who follow those principles in reality cannot be blemished due to the wrong deeds done by few rougues. Hence, I find Baba Ramdev’s decision to allow good noble people from political and social institutions like RSS (and several others) to use his platform for speaches to be correct and justified !

    Lastly, Baba Ramdev has not become Baba Ramdev overnight ! He has been working relentlessly 365 days a year since last 20 years to reach where he has reached today ! Hardly anyone knows that simply because the news channels don’t quite often cover his efforts ! However, the people of India do recognize his efforts and are following him as they do not need any news paper or TV channel to tell them who is right and who is wrong !


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  4. indian Says:

    Stupid blog… Go to sleep buddy rather than writting anything…

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