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Oh my problem! Oh the loveliest one!!

June 27, 2011

Just came back home! It’s still half hour to 7:30, my scheduled time to start study! Just started my PC to copy-paste the Gulzar collection from my pen drive to the PC, and using this little time to type these words. Hope you won’t call it escapism!

Oh what a wonderful day it had been! So less work and a lot of leisure time–and a complex mixture of completeness and desire, satiety and craving!

Just of note, I noticed today that I have surpassed 1000 tweets sometime in the past couple of days; I noticed it after my 1013th tweet! It started way back in June 2009 with my first tweet: Trying to find something better! Hope this search for something better goes on forever! Thanks to everyone who had been (and hope will be) with me all through this journey.

I’m listening “tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahi” in background. I just love these guys–The white-clad Gulzar, the lovely wonderful girl Lata, and Kishore!

Oh ho ho :)… the time is running like hell! It won’t stop, it won’t stop, it won’t stop for anything, not at least for writing me this post! And yeah I am not trying to escape, would never try! Oh my problem, oh the loveliest one, come and let me face you!

Oh, Allah, I turn to you because…

June 25, 2011

I woke up this morning with a prayer.  I read it last night before going to sleep from Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho.  It is a quotation from Qur’an (wish if he had given the exact reference of Sura and Aayat, I could find it in my copy of Qur’an).  The prayer goes like:

Oh, Allah, I turn to you because you know everything , even what is hidden.

If what I am doing is good for me and for my religion, and my life hereafter, then left that task be easy and blessed.

If what I am doing is bad for me and for my religion, for my life now and hereafter, remove me from that task.

I chanted the first two lines as I just woke up and was still in bed–I could not recite the third one.

Thus it befell…

June 22, 2011

So as it befell! Baba had told me the last time about the used book shop in Sakkardara where they have library facility available. Take books home, read them (or do whatever you want), and give them back–at the expense of just Re. 25 per month. The idea itself was so fascinating that I was like looking for some free time to go and grab this opportunity. But life has gotten so busy (you know it); I hardly come home before 9 or so, so I had to keep on postponing my plan to join this offer. It is a small book shop beside the Sakkardara flyover and I knew they have just a little collection, but whatever they have, the subscription amount was so humble and the option of leaving was open all the time.

So as I finished work early today and I had nothing to do after having a roadside chicken biryani (which was all good except the chicken, and after having that I felt I must not keep myself on starvation otherwise), I finally made my way to the book shop. The guy there did not seem much enthusiastic about getting a new customer to his library. He was busy talking with some XYZ about how to get the failed paper passed through reevaluation in university. I went over the books that were kept out for show–not many–just 15 to 20 books! I asked him if this is all that they have, he said that they have much more kept inside, so I finally convinced myself to get attached. After going through the out-for-show books–Cathcher in the Rye by J. D. Sallinger, some Paulo Coelho, and some usual stuff like Arvind Adiga, Chetan Bhagat, Robin Sharma (I never understood why the hell he sold his Ferrari)–I picked; The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Cell Phone by Shashi Tharoor, and approached to that I-have-nothing-to-do-with-you-type guy! I asked him about any formalities, ID proof, etc., he just looked at the book turning it all around and said “keep 500 Rupees deposit!” The book was a used one! Though it’s original price was 400-something, it was on sale there for Re. 120. I asked him why such a bit deposit when I can formally join a good library in much less deposit than that, he said “what if you didn’t show up after taking the book?” I had no answer. I asked him, I want to buy it. For reason unclear to me (and I’m sure for him too), he said “No!” So I returned back and consoled myself with googling The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Cell Phone.

So thus it befell. What else??

My Wishlist:
1.  Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Sallinger.
2.  The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Cell Phone by Shashi Tharoor

May God bless you!

June 22, 2011

May God Keep you away from all the evils, May God keep you happy all your life! I know He has blessed you with all strength to face anything, to get up from whatever, but why should He put you to tests again and again–May God keep you away from anything that may put you down!

Father’s Day!

June 19, 2011

It had been a tiresome day today.  I could not have any rest at all despite it being a Sunday.  The long queue at the Unique Identity Number (I hate the name Aadhar) took more than two hours and most of my energy in the morning and then I had to go for the exam directly from there; just came back a while ago.

All that I could have on this Father's Day!

All that I could have on this Father's Day!

Yeah, my reason for writing this post today is they say it’s a Father’s Day–so it must be.  I had some time with Arnav today (much more than I usually have; thanks the two-hour queue at Aadhar).  Baba called in the evening–just to have a talk of 10 seconds.  So this was all for my Father’s Day.

The long time of agony, stress, pain, tension invades the very few moments of life–life that I strive hard to live, life that is not as easy as just to take breathe in and out, life that needs to win battle by battle–life that just demands too much to have it!

And everything else is fine!  Just had a second call from Baba–this time we had a longer conversation than the previous one–26 seconds!  What else?  Happy Father’s Day to myself!

Love, Life, and a Book Fair!

June 15, 2011

I am happy today, really!  And this happiness is mostly because I found myself happy after getting out of a book exhibition.  Usually, it happens that I come out of the book exhibitions sad and depressed.  Previously, it used to be such, because I could not buy the books of my choice just because of my low budget, but for the last few years, there had been a strange reason for my post-book-fair sadness.  It was no more the problem of low budget, but now I knew whatever I had bought, I could hardly read – for lack of time and more so for the lack of interest!  This lack of interest was killing.  I have been a kind of bookworm for all my childhood.  I remember I used to devour all the textbooks of my sisters who were years ahead to me in school, and not only language books for stories, but I remember reading history, science, and even math books.  I still remember my excitement when my father gifted me the Arabian Nights after I passed my third grade exam and Sindabad was the first fictional character in my life.  I still remember how I waited for my seventh grade exam to end, because I wanted to read mathematical puzzles book that I had kept hidden in the library itself so that no one should pick it before me; and also the days when I used to read five novels in five days, sometimes even in moonlight on summer nights as we didn’t have electricity in our village back then.

But I lost almost all of this in the last few years.  I go to book exhibitions as a drunkard going to the wine bar, sometimes involuntarily, just because I cannot stop myself.  I walk through the book fairs; now I can afford buying books, so pick a few of my choice and come out.  The books just lay untouched at home.  I take them, put my name and the date on the first page, and then put them somewhere to never take again.  And this lack of interest kills me the next time whenever I hear of a book fair somewhere in the city.

The books I got from Novelty Book Fair, June 15, 2011

I got them from a book exhibition today at a good discount!

So as I heard of a book exhibition in Dharampeth today, it was really something that made me excited for a while, but then the thought came –“hope it won’t make me sad again!”  All the time I was working, I had a constant thought about the exhibition.  I finished work almost one hour ahead of my scheduled time and was now free to go there, but it was raining out heavily and I was in a bit hesitation whether to go or not.  A colleague asked me to drop him home and I almost canceled my plan to go there, dropped him at Manewada, and came to Krida Chowk, just a couple squares away from my home.  I was just about to reach home, but all of a sudden had a change of mind, turned about, and went all the way back to Dharampeth.

It was quite a small exhibition as compared to the yearly National Book Fair at Kasturchand Park, but still a definitely decent-sized (occupying a two-story block) and nice one than I had expected it to be.  There was a nice collection.  Don’t know why, there was no light on the ground floor and we had to light our cells to explored thorough the books.  It was a dreamy journey.  This time, I picked Marathi books, mostly because thinking about the untouched English tomes at home.  Out of the whole lot, I picked what appealed me:  Indhan by Hamid Dalwai, a novel based on a Konkani Hindu-Muslim social background; Vyasparva, an analytical treatise about the characters of Mahabharata by Durga Bhagwat; and Mitwa, a collection of literary critical short essays by Manik Godghate, Grace – the first two were those I always wanted to read and reading Grace is anyways going to be a treat.  I am so excited about reading the books, I am just playing with them, opening and just looking at them, as if I want to sense them in every way possible.  I can nowhere sense the lack of interest in or around me that usually grips me after a book fair visit and I am happy, even before actually starting to read, that I am going to read them.

So buddies, wish me the best luck – I’m gonna be on a dream wave this week, with my love, my life, my books!  Wish my interest remains intact, rather grow and reach to where it had been; and wait for a few nice posts about this dream journey!  See you soon 🙂

An unnecessary explanation!

June 13, 2011

Yeah, I am a kind of difficult person to be with!  I cannot smile.  I cannot chatter on some nonsensical xyz subject for hours.  I cannot make you smile and I cannot talk to you for hours unless we are discussing on some serious subject.  I cannot be light.  I have lived for years with a habit of being serious; I cannot bring a smile on my face however I try unless I am with you.  This is what I am!  Yes, I know this is not a good way to live life.  If I am really such, I must change myself.  I must learn to make myself happy.  I must learn to make my surrounding happy, or at least try not to make it sad!

I know you will disapprove almost everything that I wrote above.  If I say I am a kind of difficult person to be with, you would say “I had never been so comfortable with anyone.”  If I say I cannot smile, you would say “I like it the most when I see a kid-like smile on your face.”  If I say I cannot be light, you would remind me of some study circle or tum hi dekho na moment.

And I must agree each of you argument is true.  I had never been such happy.  I had never been so smiley.  I had never been so complete.  At this very moment when I am typing this, I am happy, really happy, from the core to crust.  And this is not a momentary feeling; I am happy at heart.  In fact, I do not need to give you such a long explanation, because you know, and you only know, how happy I am!  Just a while ago, I tweeted jaata nahi ye noor hai – I meant it, because the feeling of this noor, of you being with me, never let me go sad for long.

Oh 🙂 I think I have given more than enough of explanation.  And thanks you provided me some subject to write today; I was a kind of puzzled about what to write.  So if you are reading this, just read it and let it go!  If you can have momentary feelings, I can definitely have them.

Just another Sunday!

June 12, 2011

It is not mandatory to write something on a daily basis.  I have quite been in a down mood today.  The day was all boring one (excluding exceptions).  Working on Sundays really feels like hell, and I had stomach pain all the day (thanks to the samosa I had had instead of lunch).

So the great news is Ramdev Baba has ended his fast at the request of Sri Sri Ravishankar, just like we had talked a couple days ago.  It was almost final at the very moment when Ravishankar proposed to placate Baba Ramdev.  It was like “I will sit on a fast, you come and ask me to end it, and we both will get hype.”

So the Ramdev Baba drama has finished now and we don’t need to talk about it anymore.  So what shall we talk about?  Just took a paracetamol/dicyclomine tablet a while ago, hope it would make me feel better, and I need to sleep to.  As usual, Sunday has gotten spoiled with whatever reason, this or that, and I have a full week ahead to work.

Okays 🙂 I will try and make my mood better, will try to solve some interesting math problems.  It really works, makes me to feel better, and I am sleepy too.  Really want a fresh morning tomorrow 🙂

P.S.  I am eating a mango like a monkey 🙂

Gitanjali Poem XIV

June 11, 2011

An unknown flower

Day by day thou art making me worthy of the simple great gifts that thou gavest to me unasked.

My desires are many and my cries are pitiful, but ever didst thou save me by hard refusals; and this strong mercy has been wrought into my life through and through.

Day by day thou are making me worthy of the simple, great gifts that thou gavest me unasked–this sky and the light, this body and the life and the mind–saving me from perils of overmuch desire.

There are time when I languidly linger and times when I awaken and hurry in search of my goal; but cruelly thou hidest thyself from before me.

Day by day thou are making me worthy of thy full acceptance by refusing me ever and anon, saving me from perils of weak, uncertain desire.

~By Rabindranath Tagore (Gitanjali)

Crazy things!

June 10, 2011
A monkey munching mangoes!

Monkey Munching Mangoes.

Think of you getting a call at some busy hour only to get the news that she just saw a monkey munching mangoes sitting on a mango tree!