Iss mod se jaate hain…

I don’t know how I should feel at such an important point of my life, such a point which has the potential of determing the further course of my whole life! I really don’t know how I’m feeling at this point. Am I happy? Certainly not, but I think it’s fine! Am I sad? Yes, a bit, but it’s okay too! At such moment when almost everything is under the cover of uncertainty, I’m uncertain too about almost everything! But I think things will go in right directions as they should go! If we should pass through tests, then we should, and most probably we will! But at this moment when everything is so ‘shaant and prasanna’, I’m almost as sound as a meditating monk, not even missing you, as if you are just here, just with me, within me, and the feeling of completeness is filled everywhere in and around me!


One Response to “Iss mod se jaate hain…”

  1. May myself rest in peace! « The Blog of Reflections Says:

    […] know it has been a long while since I have experienced that shaant and prasanna feeling that I have with you.  It has been a long time since I have really lived.  There are a […]

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