An online day

It has been almost an online day for me. I had been online somewhere all the time. I cannot write about the time when I was off the net, but certainly I can write about my online activities.

Firstly, I wake up in the morning and just had a thought that I should take a picture of myself. They say I cannot smile (no one says, just I feel so)! So I tried to smile a bit and took a picture, uploaded on twitpic. Tried to smile a bit, but it was articifical smile I know, it apparently looks like a artificial smile. I hope some day I can smile naturally.
Hope a real smile :)

I had been on twitter all the time. Firstly I could not find my bike key and I twitted “Too careless yaar, not gettin the bike key now 😦 I must learn to take care of my things!” Then, had to take bus to go office. I took another picture at Ishwar Deshmukh Square:
Ishwar Deshmukh Square

Then again tweeted: “Hate bus travel, vomited everythin that i had, head is spinnin, and the temporal artery is thumping :(” All the time, I was twitting something. Then went offline for a while, I am not going to write about that time. After that I took some pics and uploaded on flickr. I will write in detail later, now in hurry. Just the pictures here:

Morbhawan Bus Stop, Nagpur

Caps! Caps!! Caps!!!

A busy day at Sitabuldi Nagpur

I must go now. Will write later. Cya 🙂

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