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Killing time

May 30, 2011

I don’t know what’s this place where I’m sitting; or let’s say I know what’s this place, but I would rather not disclose it for the interest of my security reasons (as if I am Omar Abdullah @abdullah_omar)! I would describe this place with the shair of Shaharayar ‘Yeh kya jagah hai dosto’ just because this line sounds good, poetic etc., but I’ve reserved that shair to describe my home (especially for the second line: had e nigah tak jahaa.n gubaar hi gubar hai)!

So, this is some road in the city of Nagpur and I am killing time sitting on some red bench! I don’t know who this Parinay Ramesh Fuke is, but may god bless him; this bench seems to be placed here with his courtesy!

Okays 🙂 so I’m in a bit of philosophical mood thinking what shall I do to feel a bit more narciccistic (hell with this word, I’m not gonna check it’s spelling)? I think I should try to make daily clean shaves and remove the blackheads on and around my nose 😉 Hmm, i need to stop, character limit 😦

Iss mod se jaate hain…

May 26, 2011

I don’t know how I should feel at such an important point of my life, such a point which has the potential of determing the further course of my whole life! I really don’t know how I’m feeling at this point. Am I happy? Certainly not, but I think it’s fine! Am I sad? Yes, a bit, but it’s okay too! At such moment when almost everything is under the cover of uncertainty, I’m uncertain too about almost everything! But I think things will go in right directions as they should go! If we should pass through tests, then we should, and most probably we will! But at this moment when everything is so ‘shaant and prasanna’, I’m almost as sound as a meditating monk, not even missing you, as if you are just here, just with me, within me, and the feeling of completeness is filled everywhere in and around me!

An online day

May 7, 2011

It has been almost an online day for me. I had been online somewhere all the time. I cannot write about the time when I was off the net, but certainly I can write about my online activities.

Firstly, I wake up in the morning and just had a thought that I should take a picture of myself. They say I cannot smile (no one says, just I feel so)! So I tried to smile a bit and took a picture, uploaded on twitpic. Tried to smile a bit, but it was articifical smile I know, it apparently looks like a artificial smile. I hope some day I can smile naturally.
Hope a real smile :)

I had been on twitter all the time. Firstly I could not find my bike key and I twitted “Too careless yaar, not gettin the bike key now 😦 I must learn to take care of my things!” Then, had to take bus to go office. I took another picture at Ishwar Deshmukh Square:
Ishwar Deshmukh Square

Then again tweeted: “Hate bus travel, vomited everythin that i had, head is spinnin, and the temporal artery is thumping :(” All the time, I was twitting something. Then went offline for a while, I am not going to write about that time. After that I took some pics and uploaded on flickr. I will write in detail later, now in hurry. Just the pictures here:

Morbhawan Bus Stop, Nagpur

Caps! Caps!! Caps!!!

A busy day at Sitabuldi Nagpur

I must go now. Will write later. Cya 🙂

My love…

May 2, 2011

In his first letter to Victoria, Tagore writes with amazing candour, “it is difficult for you to realize what an enormous burden of loneliness I carry about me… My market value has risen high and my personal value has been obscured. This value I seek to realise with an aching desire… This can be had only from a woman’s love and I have been hoping for a long time that I deserve it.”
Tagore, November 24, 1924