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Sunday morning and Anna Hazare

April 10, 2011

You said it truly, I’m a kind of net-freaky.  I slept at 1 a.m. last night (for whatever reasons) and am again on my PC for about an hour.  I need a rehab…

The Facebook was full of Anna Hazare stuff for the last few days, thanks God that government intervened to accept his demands soon, or I would have to stop Facebooking.  A too-much-enthu-about-everything friend of mine had also organized a candle march to support Anna, but the government accepted Anna’s demands before the scheduled march and the too-much-enthu-about-everything friend again had to send notice to everyone about cancellation of the march (the poor guy could not think of a victory march) 🙂 (By the way, this too-much-enthu-about-everything friend believes that Ramdeo Baba is the greatest patriot of this time).

I wanted to share “If you could be my dhruva star, I would never ask you to fall in my arms” on facebook, but seeing all that Anna Hazare stuff, I was a little hesitant to discourage the enthu activists with my personal stuff.

This is not a way to get your demands accepted yaar, certainly not a democratic one.  You do or I will die, this is like my wife threatens me every now and then that she would harm herself if I don’t listen to her…:(

Hmm finally, found someone to think alike, Olive Oyl (whose mamma think Anna is really a Lal Bahadur Shastri’s look-alike) with her the great India Stalker 🙂

P.S. Wish if it had created a true and unbiased public opinion 🙂

The first reflection!

April 9, 2011

Starting a new blog! It’s April 9, 2011 and I only know under what conditions I am writing this first post.  Everything cannot be revealed.  This blog is an attempt to reveal at least those things that need not to be necessarily hidden.  This is April 9, 2011 and I am writing the first post of my new blog.

I already have a couple of blogs on net.  Ghalibana has been successfully running now for over an year with slow but steady traffic.  It is also fetching a good bit of traffic from google and co., so what made me to start a new blog that would ultimately distract me from working on Ghalibana?  The answer is not much complex.  Ghalibana was started with a different idea by me with two of my friends: Kailash and Master.  The main motive of starting Ghalibana was to discuss things among the three of us, but eventually Kailash stopped writing and Master never get a regular internet access.  I kept on writing, but then it lost the sense of a personal blog and grew up as a real reference blog discussing ‘n’ number of valuable topics.  So what I really missing was a personal blog that would give me the freedom to write whatever I want to, not what my readers want to read.  Ghalibana has grown to a level where it literally fetches all of it’s traffic from search engines, and now I cannot use it like for updating my statuses etc.

The reason for starting this blog on WordPress is I really wanted to have a WordPress blog.  Initially, I tried to move Ghalibana to WordPress, but even with the import facility, it was too difficult to handle all the subscriptions, adsense, amazon links, etc. etc.  So when the idea of a personal blog came to my mind, I can think of nothing other than WordPress.  Oh, the lovely themes of WordPress, blogger has nothing to match with them (Oh, I love google, but truth is the truth).

Finally, what would I do on this blog? What plans I have in mind? What would be the future of this blog? I did have a personal blog on WordPress a few years ago, around 2006-2007, but then situations were totally different.  I did not have a decent net access and most of the ideas would die before I could find a net cafe.  This time I am a kind of better-equipped, I have a net access of my own that I can use at my will, so I hope no idea shall die before it finds place on his platform.  I don’t intend to write long long posts here (this one has already grown much longer) as I do on Ghalibana, but I won’t restrict myself too!  On the other hand, I won’t mind writing twitter-like 140-character statuses too!  I am planning to write on a more frequent basis.  I write on Ghalibana about 2-3 posts a month; they need a lot of preparation.  Here I don’t have any restrictions of that kind, so I am planning to write almost daily, or at least on alternate days.  I want this blog to show a real picture of mine; yes, there are things that should not be revealed, that cannot be revealed, but at least as the moon shows only half of it even on the full moon day, I will try my best to reflect that half without any restrictions, in hopes that some day I could show up the other never-seen side too 🙂

These are some thoughts in my mind at this moment; at this moment on April the 9th of 2011, when I’m starting this personal blog on WordPress under conditions that I only know 😦

And this line is just because I don’t want to end this first post with a bad face. Cya soon 🙂