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I need to write a diary

March 13, 2014

Blogging cannot replace diary writing.  A lot of things happen.  Not everything can go on a blog.

Writing diary had been my hobby for a long time, then I stopped writing – with pen on paper.  Pen on paper will still be difficult, but I can certainly start writing on computer.

So what should I do?  Shall I write on Evernote? Or start a new private blog? Or find kind of a diary app?  One way is to write in MS Word, but then it becomes to messy to manage, a lot of doc files and sorting gets an issue.

Can you suggest something?

Of living without her..

December 23, 2013

Dear X,

It’s such a lonely evening. Just returned from work. Stayed there late after hours – just to shorten this period of loneliness. But now that I’m back to my room and writing this – I think I needed some time for myself – to lean back and ponder over what’s really happening…

Something is badly missing from life. Perhaps, it’s just a change of habit. I’m really not missing you, but it feels like I’m missing a life since we broke up..

P.S. …, nothing!

Reading campaign for myself (and for those interested)

November 13, 2013

  • Read at least five novels before a fixed date, say my birthday, July 14th.
  • Decide the novels in advance, before you start the first one. No bar on language. You can select from the ones you’re thinking to read for long, but couldn’t start somehow. Get the list ready before you start actual reading.
  • Obtain the books. Find some library, or buy them. Buying is easier than borrowing. You need not buy all five at once.
  • Read.
  • See that you complete the target, and enjoy it.
  • Set a higher target for next campaign.

Things ephemeral

October 29, 2013

No – I will not write what it is between us. Let’s say it’s an ephemeral thing and assume that it will not leave any trails for the world to see.

How should one rate his day?

October 7, 2013

How should one rate his day? Like a day that starts on a “not-bad” note and from there goes to pretty good. You finish the day in high spirits, go to bath and have a hot shower. While you are feeling motivated – feelingg like going out and eat something, like buying some new books and find time to read them, like starting a new life again – something happens and you let everything go ruined – for reasons not clear to you – or say clear to you only.

How should one rate his day?

Living with uncertainties

October 6, 2013

It’s again a Sunday and I am still in Goa. I went out for a walk, to a nearby church. It was closed for renovation, so I sat in the premises for a while. Then I went to a nearby garden. It’s an old garden since the Portugese days and now maintained by the Muncipal Corporation of Panaji. There is a massive cylindrical column at the center – height 12.76 meter – with the National Emblem of India on the top of it – the four lions and Satyameva Jayate. A monolith there notes that earlier there was a bust of Vasco da Gama on top of the pillar, but it was replaced with the Indian National Emblem after Goa gained freedom from the Portugese.

I have a lot of tasks to do. I have my presentation tomorrow – just a three-minute talk. I am planning to talk about Importance of Savings or something like that. I have thought nothing about it though. Then I need to prepare a book review that I must submit by Thursday. Again, on Thursday evening, these folks are arranging a cultural program where I am supposed to sing a song. I am prepared for nothing of these.

We have our training here till Saturday, so I don’t know where I would be on the next Sunday. We haven’t got any communication from the bosses about where to go and what to do, so life is with a lot of uncertainties.

After a long while…

September 27, 2013

Okay, this is going to be a kind of random! I haven’t written anything for long.  A lot of problems – I am away from my computer, busy with job, don’t have anything much to write, and so on… A lot of things happened in between.  I got a job in last December, I stayed somewhere near Mumbai for eight months, then left that job as I got a new one. So this was the whole story in between…

I am not here to write that story.  In fact, I am not here for anything specific.  Just that I found a networked computer after – say ages – and that’s it.

I’ve been at a wonderful place over the past week – kind of re-inventing myself. As they say it, I’m supposed to be a leader from now onwards. So, I am learning what’s a leader, what makes one a leader, what might stop myself from being a leader, and how (if) I can overcome those things.

I’ve lost the habit of writing – let’s see if I can get it again!

Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y

August 12, 2013


You’re just a step away from me. Just a text message, a phone call, and I’ll be yours – again. I know you are waiting for this to happen; at least, hoping. And in spite of just going ahead, I’m sitting stubborn, holding myself back, fully convinced myself that “Life without you – is possible.”

I know how futile this thought is. Or do I really know? Slowly, I’m really getting convinced that I’m convinced. But what I’m not convinced of is “is it really worth doing?”  “is it not worth undoing?”

Of the unknown

June 3, 2013

Nothing is helping. It rained this afternoon. The air has changed suddenly from hot and humid to cool – and romantic. I tried things – played hill racing, read all my timelines, news – ate the stuff I’d bought – sat in the balcony for a while. Everything is making it worse than better.

Na, it’s sure not that simple. It’s something bigger – that I’m afraid to grasp – something deep – something dark! I’ve stopped going to depths lately – all these hot and humid days! I would rather sit the evenings in the balcony, playing hill racing.

But it rained today. The weather has changed suddenly, and for whatever, the hill racing isn’t helping any this evening.

Just one evening…

May 31, 2013


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